About Mama Dip’s

In 1976, Mildred Cotton Council opened Mama Dip’s Restaurant, named for the childhood nickname given to her by her siblings (her height and long arms allowed her to “dip” all the way into the bottom of the rain barrel).

Born in Chatham County to Ed and Effie Edwards Cotton, Mama Dip first learned to cook by watching her family and neighbors use the “dump cooking” method of cooking by taste. While working as a family cook, and later at Carolina Coffee Shop and St. Andrews Hall, Mama Dip honed her craft, developing the recipes her restaurant would become so famous for. In 1957, she worked alongside her mother-in-law at a tiny take-out kitchen, where they made a reputation for turning out some of the best country cooking in town.

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Client Testimonials

” Many years ago while visiting my sister, I had the pleasure of dining at Mama Dip’s and have remembered not only the name of the restaurant, but what I had for dessert. It was a chocolate fudge pudding cake to die for. So glad to see Mama Dip’s is still serving great food after all these years.”

Chapel Hill, NC , Satisfied Customer

Really excellent home cooking place. Not overly fancy, portions not out of control, just really good home cooking and extra friendly and observant staff. Will come back.

Ali Ritter, NC, Satisfied Customer

“What a wonderful restaurant! It’s casual but the food is home cooking and really tasty. We even got a Mama Dips cookbook the last time we were here. It’s a Chapel Hill institution.”

Amy Kugali McWilliams, Satisfied Customer